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Will 2016 Be Your Best Year Yet?

The climate in the small business sector is becoming more and more positive as consumers continue to feel confident in their spending.  Small biz seems to be thriving in the US.  Year-end analysis from 2015 shows that revenue is up for women-owned businesses by 39%, and lenders are approving loans more now than ever since the recession ended in 2009.  All in all, things are looking good!

So what will you do this year to improve your business?  Create jobs or focus on growth?  Develop an innovative new product or service?  The sky is the limit in 2016!  Pacifica Media is looking forward to its own growth and development.  We have hit the ground running so far this January and have expanded working relationships with our existing clients and anticipate starting up new partnerships that will propel us forward down our path to success!


Staying motivated and having a positive outlook are two of the most important components to being successful in any venture whether it’s personal or professional.  Keep looking up and maintain the expectation that good things are on their way and before you know it goodness will be all around you