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Is Quality Customer Service Extinct?


Living in an age of advanced technology certainly has its perks.  Unlimited amounts of data are available with the swipe of a finger across a touch screen or with a simple voice command.  People can connect with others from around the world and speak face to face via computers, phones, and tablets.  Information comes instantly and there seems to be no limit as to what one can access on the web.  The way humans interact with each other is becoming more digitized with each new gadget that hits the market.  Texting is replacing phone calls, and video chat is replacing in-person interactions.

All of these new innovations have plenty of positive impacts on the modern world, but there are a few negatives as well.  Humans are growing increasingly impatient as the products they use get faster and faster.  Replying to a message has gone from typing a full sentence to sending out a fragment, and words are ever-increasingly being abbreviated.  Humans are losing the human touch in their communication!

Humans are also being replaced by technology in many industries, including the customer relations field.  In order to cut the cost of employing full-time representatives, many companies resort to automated systems, recordings, or electronic correspondence.  This method may work for some businesses, but nothing compares to having a friendly, competent person answer the phone and respond to customer queries.

Yet the question still remains:  Is quality customer service extinct?  Many hope the answer to be a resounding “no.”  There are still plenty of companies in existence who believe in this concept, but are having a hard time finding a way to keep costs down and still provide this imperative service to their customers.

A viable solution for business owners who don’t wish to sacrifice quality but still need to cut costs is to utilize remote contractors.  Replacing an out dated call center with self-employed independent contractors can greatly decrease spending, and at the same time increase customer satisfaction.  Many agree that businesses need to maintain a good reputation for having quality customer service support in order to thrive.