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Can Your Business Afford a U.S. Based Call Center?

Many small businesses have been feeling the weight of our sluggish economy resting heavily on their shoulders for some time now.  Cutting overhead costs is a must, and the bottom line needs to be protected.  Sadly, many haven’t been able to withstand the pressure and have been forced out of business.  Others have been fortunate enough to keep their doors open, but their customer service quality has taken a hit.  Finding the sweet-spot between saving money and preserving quality standards isn’t always easy, but with the right information and support it can definitely be done.

The first step towards success is to determine what your customer service needs are.  Do you need 24/7 answering services?  Perhaps you need agents available for order taking, refund processing, or to answer customer inquiries.  For these types of services, you have a couple of options to consider.

One option is to employ in-house agents in your brick and mortar business to answer the phones.  If you have the revenue to support this cost, then this can be a smart solution.  But what happens when the money you are bringing in just can’t cover the expenses of employing a staff to cover your customer service needs?

Some business owners immediately think about outsourcing their calls to an offshore call center.  This has been an affordable alternative financially for companies who can’t afford in-house customer service representatives, but it comes at a huge cost when it comes to the quality of the service they provide.  Additionally, offshore call centers are not always cost-effective.  You may end up paying more than you expected because of service fees and other charges that are found in confusing, hard-to-read fine print in your contract with the foreign call center.

Thankfully, there is another alternative for businesses that have reached this point.  Our virtual call center can meet your custom staffing needs at an affordable price.  We contract with only the best and the brightest U.S. based representatives in order to bring you unprecedented quality customer care.  We eliminate all your hassle and costs that are involved with employment taxes, labor issues, insurance, and liability.  When you utilize our contractors, you erase your payroll costs.

Our independent contractors are well-qualified, background checked, and trained to meet your needs.  We can provide operators who speak, read, and write English and Spanish fluently.  If you have a request for another language, we will consider recruiting contractors who meet your specifications.  We monitor for quality control to ensure our agents provide the absolute best service to your customers.

We also eliminate the high costs of running and maintaining a call center by only charging on a per-minute basis.  You don’t have to worry if you have long periods of down-time between calls.  We won’t charge you for idle time!  We also offer discounts for customers who have a large volume of traffic.

We make getting started simple.  Begin now with a free consultation where together we will define what your staffing needs are, and then outline a strategy to meet those needs.  Give us a call or email us right now so we can show you just exactly how you can afford to use a U.S. call center!